Nicholas is another character in MRA.

He is voiced by CottonBeltSD40T


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Nicholas is a hardworking and dependable locomotive. He loves pulling freight and hanging out with his friends, including Lily and Marie. His favorite assignments are pulling high-priority intermodal trains and autorack trains. Whenever he is not working, he likes playing video games, watching TV, or making episodes for his ROHV series. He likes pulling trains at night, as the night air brightens him up. He also hates being part of or leading equipment moves as he prefers pulling a train.

Although he's usually friendly, he can sometimes get annoyed by his friends' shenanigans. However, he does have a sense of humor and can brighten up their day.


Nicholas is a BNSF EMD SD40-2 locomotive numbered 1603.




  • Nicholas is named after his voice actor, CottonBeltSD40T.
  • He shares the same model as BNSF Justin from TOSR.


BNSF 1603

Nicholas' basis

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